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Placa Irun
Dedicated to the manufacture of wooden crates for fruits, citric fruits, vegetables, fish, etc. during more than 50 years. From the beginning, our principal characteristics have been: the quality of our products, the special attention with our clients, making a customized package at the height of their needs, and the seriousness and the zeal of overcoming with which we confront day after day.
Vista General
With more than 8,000 square meters, divided into two warehouses. A big one where is located production zone, storage of finished product, offices, etc; and the other one destined to the provisioning of materials.

Almacen Principal


In Irun de Envases S.L. we give a special interest to offer a quality product to our clients, beginning from the election of raw material. That is why we choose first quality wood and we demand from our wood suppliers that fulfill all phytosanitary measures. If you want more information about it please click the links below:

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Nimf 15
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Almacen Secundario
We take care about the environment and the sustainable development, that's why Irun de Envases S.L. works elbow with elbow with the companies of the sector of the recycling of the wood and all the products and their components are totally recoverable. Furthermore, Irun de Envases S.L. possesses an integral management of all the residues that are generated during the process of production of the wooden crates.
We guarantee the transport of our packages to any point of Spain and Europe.


We have the newest model of printing machinery for the marking and engraving of wooden crates and we are interested in the new technologies that are appearing continuosly in the sector. We use diverse techniques of impression to satisfy the demand of our clients: Serigraphy, photogravure, flexography, etc.
We produce a wide variety of packages, from the smallest one of 2,3Kg also denominated "pitufos" up to packages of 20 kg, using different types of materials according to the desires of our clients: Raw and painted MDF, Plywood and Pine.
If you want to know more about our products please click the link below:


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